Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Latest by Banksi

yet another party

Fractals by Arvinder Bawa

My friend Arvinder actually wrote a programme that does fractals and here are some examples. His website here. He's actually very talented but also very modest...

And here you can see Marisol's work too (his wife). Very inspired too.

Random at the Foundry

Still Dynamics - The Korean Contemporary Art Show

This was at the Jerwood Space.

Francesca Cho

Kira Kim

Sea Hyun Lee

Ji Seock Han

Sanjun Roh

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jason Gibilaro latest work

Ice Skating at the Tower of London

I only ice skated once before and never managed to leave the rail, but this time, I did it! I learned and I actually managed to ice skate for a good 30m! Well done me!!!

Rodin at the Royal Academy

Had half day off work and went to the Royal Academy of Arts to see a rare exhibition of Rodin's sculptures. I wasn't familiar w his work apart from 'the thinker' & 'the kiss' and was very surprised. This man was able to translate poetry into sculpture and depart from the classical look and go for a far more realistic approach. The detail of the facial expressions and the dynamic of movement manifested in his work is nothing short of extraordinaire. Reminded me of Ron Muek in a way. Maybe Rodin was one of his inspirations?
The exhibition finishes at the end of December.

'La Defence'

'The Thinker'

Detail of 'The Gates of Hell'

'The Gates of Hell'

Monday, December 11, 2006

'Minimal mayhem' - Sunday day electro-trance extravaganza

What a fantastic time we had yesterday!! Day partying is GREAT!! Thanks Simon, more of these please!

Monday, December 04, 2006

My photographic installation at Cyberspaced

The Peace Camp

This is the current exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery. Went to see it on Fri night, it was really busy and the exhibition is great. Nice to see something for Peace for a change!!

This is an interactive piece by Bob Aldous, check

Friday, December 01, 2006


This Saturday, if you mention londonalive you get £2 discount, I'm doing the production again.

Mobile Clubbing - Paddington Station

Yesterday I went along to Mobile Clubbing for the 1st time. IT WAS EXCELLENT! I don't even have an i pod but I danced to the music in my head and joined in w the crowd. I love dancing! It's quite a fenomenon! A load of people dancing to their own tune, together, in a random place! The vibe was really good.

And then I went for dinner at YoSushi which I hadn't tried before, the food is really good, I will be back, love the concept.

Stick it to bad housing

Shelter is running this campaign to help end the crisis of social housing.