Monday, February 26, 2007

Renoir at the National Gallery

Yes, I know, it's out of focus, but it was all I could manage as security was very tight! What an amasing exhibition! Small, only 3 rooms, however, it really gives the viewer an idea of Renoir's technique. He was indeed a Master (state the obvious). I came to the conclusion Renoir must have been short sited, that is, he couldn't see far. This is the impression his paintings gave me. I myself only started wearing glasses to remedy this fault not so long ago, and looking at his paintings reminded me of how I used to see before wearing specs! This might be common knowledge, not sure, didn't look it up, but this is my theory! I particularly liked his impression of the Piazza di San Marco in Venice, the light is so luminous is almost bliding!
Not to be missed at the National Gallery, until 20th May. Worth every penny of the £12 admission fee.

Alison Lapper pregnant - by Marc Quinn

In the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square until May 2007.

The Telegraph pre opening party

No Trident - Troops out of Iraq

It had been years since I last had gone to a demo. The last one I went to was against the war on Iraq when millions around the Globe took to the streets to protest.
I went straight to Trafalgar Square this time. It was incredible to see so many people exercising their legal right as citizens of a Democracy. One tends to forget the power one holds. When many think the same, it is evident that when the public gets together, people can have a big impact. I wish more people would realise this and stoped living in fear of speaking out and supporting what they feel is right.
It doesn't mean we will achieve what we set out for. I do hope the British government doesn't go ahead and spend £75 BILLION on renewing the Trident missile system or attacking Iran, nevertheless, public discontent was made known.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Music is... by Alice Rosado

A collection of sounds that gives us:
moments of happyness, others of sadness.
That invite us to dream
w things we cannot explain...
That makes us dance
in enchanted & disenchanted movements.
Music is...
the sounds that surround us
the birds singing
to the flowers opening
the water flowing
the waves in the sea moving
the wind blowing
a child smilling, a child crying.
Music is...
Life being born
Life being lived
Life dying.
Music is...

This was originally written in Portuguese, below is the original version

A Musica e'...

Um conjunto de sons que nos da':
momentos de alegria, momentos de tristeza.
Que nos convida a sonhar
com coisas que nao sabemos explicar...
Que nos faz dancar
em movimentos de encanto e desencanto.
A musica e'...
os sons que nos rodeia
desde os
Passarinhos a cantar
As flores a abrir
A agua a correr
As ondas do mar a bater
A chuva a cair
O vento a assobiar
A crianca a rir, ou a chorar.
A musica e'...
A vida a nascer
A vida a viver
A vida a morrer.
A musica e'...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Architects of Human Development

oh yes! We are one

Noah Vawter - huummmmm

Check him out here

Synergy 9 Feb

In Covent Garden

DNA art

Get your genetic code or finger print in canvas at DNA 11

Mathieu Knippenbergh

At Spectrum Gallery until March 24th

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

No Cows - New Ethical Shopping

Check out this new Website No Cows

Underground Electro Party