Thursday, December 17, 2009

Finley Quaye at my local

Couldn't believe it when my flatmate told me he was playing at our local! It was brilliant.
Read all about Finley's life here and if you don't know his music yet you're seriously missing out - hear it on myspace

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas is here

Went along to the lighting of the Christmas Tree and Carol singing at UCL yesterday. Rather nostalgic. Only left a year ago but still feel quite attached to it.. I loved my time there and hope to return for my PhD at some point.. had my first mince pie and glass of mulled wine. Nice.

Decorations in Carnaby Street

An afternoon in Richmond Park

It still amazes me how there are deer in the middle of a London park with people and cars running through the middle. There's something rather surreal about it. At the same time a fine example of British passion for conservation and defiance.. less impressive but still worthy of praise are the squirrels! These also run around and dot the scenery. People say they are like city rats along with pigeons, but I think they're great. I hadn't seen a fox, a squirrel or a deer in the wild until I came to London. And London is hardly 'the wild'!!! Here's another one to add to my list of reasons why I Love London..