Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Anish Kapoor at Brighton Festival

Here are some photos I've been meaning to publish for quite some time but been so busy I didn't get around to. Anish Kapoor put a concave and convex mirror on the top of the hill in Patcham near Brighton. 'Curve'. You could see yourself and others upside down, depending on the angle you stood on. I have tons more but here's a few.. I also did a video, and that is wicked...I first saw his work at the Tate Modern many years ago.

The sheep in the field on the way there..

This is another installation by Anish Kapoor, it
was in a warehouse near the Ocean Rooms,
I forgot it's name, but it looked a bit like a Martian landscape..

It was so much fun..

Desperate Romantics

I am absolutly loving this series!!