Friday, July 28, 2006

Another lunch time in Southbank

There are all sorts of entertainment by the riverbank at lunch time during Summer. This was a mime performance by Japanese artists Gamarjobat, really cool.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Thames Walk Private View

Some of the findings

The space

One of Jo's paintings inspired on
the findings during the walk

Jo Roberts organised this. I had never been on a barge before and it was quite impressive. Or to that bit of town for that matter! Some cool architecture.
Again, another fantastic job by one of the Biennale artists.

Art Project - welcome stranger

At the draw_drawing_2 exhibition at the Foundry Joe Schneider did my face sketch. This is what it was all about (see below). Also check his blog

welcome stranger
welcome stranger - now open for invitations and collaborations
welcome stranger is an ongoing drawing project that invites strangers to have their portrait drawn. The simplicity and openess of this initial invitation creates the basis for an enjoyable and relaxed exchange. This simple hospitality also creates a space to dwell on the complexity and ambiguity of our relationship to strangers and the ideas of knowing and wanting to know the other. These meetings produce a gallery of strangers that are the evidence of this brief meeting. They testify to the value of this brief exchange and leave up to the viewer the question of whether they are more than superficial renderings of a face seen for a few minutes. They also allow a questioning of our philisophical, psychological, social and cultural responses to the ideas of otherness and strangeness.
welcome stranger will take place in any space where it is possible to create a sense of invitation to strangers. This invitation is created by the display of a sign reading welcome stranger and a selection of drawings from earlier sessions. The drawings that are made in that session are gradually displayed with the sign. The sitters are offered a reproduction of their portrait via email.
I am open to invitations for places to go and people to draw (weddings, farms, cities, offices, shops, hairdressers, carparks, benches). Please contact me with suggestions and collaborations.


Giacomo Picca organised an amasing exhibition at the Foundry in Old Street w over 500 artists from all over the world that gathered more than 1,000 drawings of all mediums; it was spectacular! Well done Giacomo, a lot of work, the work of Love, London Biennale style.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Glade Festival 2006

Id Spiral space

Juno Reactor live, excellent!

Liquid Stage

Moi! My favorite of course!!!

DJ Chameleon in action,
getting BETTER & BETTER,
this was a beautiful set w vocals...

Wendelina's Live Portrait Workshop at the
idspiral space, she thought me how to draw faces,
made it so easy and simple,
never thought I could!! Thank You!!!!

Random installation...

What I drew one of the nights at the
Infinite Possibility space

What a beautiful Sunset to close the Festival...
and the Moon that night was even more amasing
but of that I only have a mental picture...

Lunchtime in Southbank

Some music by the river...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

'Summer Holiday' the band - news kids on the block

There I was, walking up the street on my way to the bus stop to go home, feeling miserable on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon. The day before I found out I didn't get the scholarship I needed to do my MSc in Social Anthropology at UCL. I was feeling pretty shit!! And there they were, sitting on top of a car jamming! Somehow they managed to put a smile on my face straight away! Bang! Just like that my day turned around. Little did I know this was the beggining of an AMASING WEEKEND!! The power of music.

As I stopped in the middle of the ussle & bussle of Brixton to listen, my smile just didn't go away!!! (just thinking about it now makes me smile!).They have a wicked vibe: fresh, sincere, chicky. (are you droolling yet guys?!) Check them out here. Take the time to go to their space at 'myspace' and listen to their music. You then will have a glimpse of an idea. As far as I'm concerned they're in the path of ascention and they are the next BIG British band to rock the world!

Human Technology Private View

neo-dogma-non organised Human Technology for the London Biennale 2006. More photos of this at neo-dogma-non's blog.

Futebol & Friends

Went to a bar to watch the Portugal/ England game. The place was packed w British & Portuguese people. In the end there was only the Portuguese...figures!!

Sunset in Brockwell Park

This was a lovely Summers' day and the Claverdale crew decided to go to the park for a beer after work. Friday it was. I am getting quite accustumed to the British ways...

Area 10 - Peckam

Marko Stepanov, fellow artist from the London Biennale organised an evening of Performance extravaganza. Very good. The space is huge and amasing. The spirit of the Biennale is truly incredible. Like minded people getting together, in love & creativety.

In the pub w a drink, a fag, and chilled out music

I'm in the The Prince in Brixton after work. It's really cool actually, the joys of modern living. Meanwhile got sidetracked by a phone call on my mobile. Technology is truly amasing! Love life and being in London. As much as I miss home and the Sea, love being here. Wireless is GREAT! It's been a while since I did the blog and have to admit I missed it. My life continues to be an emotional rollercoaster but I can feel it getting better & more stable.