Thursday, September 28, 2006


March of the Penguins

Watched this on DVD last night - its amazing and the photography is STUNNING. Definitely recommend it. Morgan Freeman does a good job at narrating. I found incredible the tenderness and sensuality these creatures revealed. Not to mention their resistance. Have to say though, the behind the scenes clip ' Of Penguin and Man' done by the producers gives an insight into the ordeal of shooting the film and the challenges that such harsh environment as the Antarctic presents. Loved it. Hope it makes it to the IMAX. Watch the trailer here. BEAUTIFUL.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Chair photoshoot

More about this at a later stage...

Kalahari at LSE - little snippets

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sense & Sensuality

This lunch time went to see this exhibition, really enjoyed it. Probably the most interactive exhibition I've been to: one can touch, smell and feel all the artworks for a change! Some are quite impressive and if you're in London I really recommend specially if you have children or are child like! It's free at the Bankside Gallery, it's for Blindart charity so do make a donation how small it might be, and it's there till Oct 8. You can see the brochure here.

Me & Sofia out in town

On the bus back home last night

The Great Chair Grab

Tom Dixon took over Trafalgar Square today w his latest design to celebrate the 2006 London Design Festival. They are made of expanded polystyrene hence very lightweight. All these chairs will be up for grabs at 3pm today. Quick!

10 years in London celebration

My friend Sofia is over for a visit from Portugal so we got Mario and went to Kettner's for a glass of bubbly to celebrate my 10 years here. Portuguese style!

Future cities design at the Barbican

Cought the last day of this exhibition at the Barbican w Sophia who's visiting from Portugal. It was interesting to see the ideas of future building design in the 50's & 60's and how it actually has turned out.

Monday, September 18, 2006

10 years in London TODAY

Today is precisely 10 years since I arrived in London, 18 September 1996.

I remember clearly that day, the excitement, going to visit my university in Barking, seeing squirrels and foxes for the first time and having my first ever pint of cider! The Sun was shining and my heart was singing. Of course, I had no idea then the cultural shock I had in front of me, all the challenges but also, how my dreams would come true. Amazing how 10 years on, thinking about it, I can actually say this! I haven’t achieved all I set myself to yet, and have to say I am a bit behind schedule, however, I’m not known for my punctuality! So all in all, is all going according to plan so far! A lot has happened in 10 years: my Father died, almost lost the plot, become an Auntie, finished my degree, the Spice Girls came and gone, turned veggie, fox hunting was banned, worked for some of the core institutions of British society, started neo-dogma-non, Tony Blair come into power, almost got married, moved houses countless times, Trainspotting, the first sheep was cloned, made friends and lost some too, Tate Modern opened, Ken Livingston become Mayor, travelled the world, mad caw disease, the e generation, become a woman, come out as an artist, the human genome was mapped, discovered anthroposophy, princess Diana died, organised art exhibitions, inspired people, the congestion charge was introduced, stopped drinking caffeine, Cats stopped showing, got accepted for a Masters at my university of choice, Chelsea become a super club, tried to quit smoking a load of times, helped others to develop, Charles married Camilla, annoyed a load of people on the way for having it my way, London Eye, had my heart broken and broke a few myself, Tracy Emin revolutionised the art world, meet some incredible people and learned an awful lot! I have changed: I am a lot calmer, patient (believe it or not!!), tolerant and accepting.

This town has nourished me. Here I found like minded people who didn’t complain about my pace (well, maybe sometimes!!). London has the diversity of the world and the excitement of a child. It’s living in real time. It’s ever changing and evolving like me and I think that’s why I LOVE IT. Saying all this, London can also be cold and grim and lonely, impersonal and detached. Not everyone can handle it but if you can, it has a lot to give you. 10 years on I can say the good times have outweighed the bad. I’m not quite finished w it yet and the weather is already changing!

Chalk 4 Peace @ Earthdance 2006


This show was good: the artwork was impressive and powerful. Again in an empty shop floor at Spitalfields market. Check their website out for more photos.


Went to the PV of this show in Spitalfields Market last Fri. Was shocked at the regeneration the area has suffered! It's been completly modernised. I hadn't been in that part of town in a while. Loved the fact the yet unoccupied shop space was used as a gallery, rough and ready.

Friday, September 15, 2006

End of the London Biennale - Final World Tea party

Me being me I was late for the final celebrations at Alexander Palace! Shame 'cause I missed the baloon releasing... anyway, I made it to the Royal Academy Hornsey Gallery though!

THANKS TO ALL who made this London Biennale happen, it always takes a great deal of Love & effort and this year was no exception. However, as a curator and artist myself I have to say its all worth it and the Biennale is getting bigger and better every time. Until 2008, au revoir!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Planet Angel @ Hidden

This was my 1st time at Planet Angel and LOVED IT! My friend Peter Ardron was playing and it was my mates Jess's 25th birthday party. This is Peter djing.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Marko Stepanov takes photos all the time. These are some of the people who make up the London Biennale. I LOVE YOU GUYS is at the Shoreditch Gallery till Sep 30.

A Scanner Darkly

The technic used is quite cool & innovative, there's brief parts where its difficult to say if its animation or not. As for the plot, I thought it was poor. I understand it's an adaptation of 70's sci-fi & I've been told the movie is actually quite faithful to the book, but 30 years on I personally thought the caracters are all too stereotypical & uninteresting. Spun is another movie about drug users and the plot is by far more dynamic. I would say see it for the novelty factor.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Fashion Stories

By Christian Taddio at Deeper

Until Sept 24 at the Brick Lane Gallery

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

'Volver' - Almodovar strikes again!

Went to see this Saturday night - it's got a realness to it if that makes any sense! Women, sex and death. Blunt at points. It's also a good snapshot of Spanish/ Latin mentality. There's a lot of details to be noted and these uncover certain aspects of modern society that address some fundamental issues of Patriarchy. Have to say being bilingual I've noticed the subtitles translation is not the best, so be aware, some will be lost in translation.

Another ad I like

Monday, September 04, 2006

Making music

Sculpture Wars - Parade Ground

Chinese pagoda done in plywood and cardboard. Recycle - use your imagination!

On Friday 1st Sept Graham Hudson's Henry Moore Fellowship on the Parade Ground of the Chelsea College of Art and Design came to an end w the auction of the pieces produced during the Residency. It was brilliant!

A couple of the pieces on auction.