Sunday, May 20, 2007

Treesay by Jill Rock at the Foundry

This was a round of performances during Jill Rock's Treesay. It was absolutly fantastic.

Cos Chapman & The Scratch Sextet performing pages from Treatise by Cornelius Cardew

Jo Roberts

David Medalla performing ' Dream of the Chimney Sweap'

Noel Macken performing 'Mirrorists' from 'Le Cirque Trilogy'
check out

Jill Rock, the Artist w her creation

Monday, May 14, 2007

Jason Gibilaro @ Golden Heart

This is actually the painting of the performance of another artist, Callum

Simon Oldman performing at the Private View.

Until 22nd May at the Golden Heart, 110 Commercial Street, E1

Friday, May 04, 2007

Martin Creed at Hauser & Wirth Coppermill

This was the last show at this space. What a shame and what a show.

Again. Hauser & Wirth have presented some of the best shows I've seen and marks the end of a short era in the London art scene...why the space is closing I don't know but I hope Hauser & Wirth grace us w another space at some point where the potential of an artist and a space are fused and presented to the masses. Art free for All. This space can brag for being at the cutting edge during its existence. Shows like this remind me why I love London. And this is nothing I haven't said before about this space. I didn't miss any of the shows at the space and you can see the past exhibitions in the archive.

As for the Artist, Martin Creed, I wasn't familiar w his work until I went to this show and I have to say I was impressed by simplicity/ complexity(I did realise later I knew his work from the Turner prize). Mostly by the vibe, the experience that he created. He inspired me.

In lay terms as I am no art expert, his work is modern in the true sense of the word, contemporary, addressing sex, yet in a tasteful and sensual way, texture and the eye candy factor. He understands visual impact that creates an extra dimensional feel. It's all about LIGHT. Of course, you ought to read what's said about the work and the interpretation is rather different from mine. So do see what is said about it

The show is there until 29 July and I would say go and see it. Even if I don't know if you'll get the full effect as in the Private View. It might be better even (?). Here are some photos and a couple of videos to give you an idea. Enjoy.

I really liked the technique in this: paint, pencil and tipex (if it's not it seems like it! Boring day at the office?!) on blue paper.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Jason Gibilaro Solo show

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