Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cupcakes Stands

I first saw these at Liberty's for a staggering £160!!!

The moment I saw them I immediattly decided I was going to do my own. London is the perfect place to treasure hunt for old crockery shouting out to be recycled from charity shops.

These are the first two. Still have to work on getting them bang in the middle and the best glue to use. For these I used superglue but am not sure if it is the best solution.. am going to try with 'UhU' next.. I'm sure the more I make the better they will be!

Another Thursday night

I love some of Gilbert & George's work - the new show at the White Cube is quite big, in fact it is so big it's divided into two sites, Mason's Yard and Hoxton.

Of course, one is not supposed to take photos so this is a sneaky one at Hoxton! Not one of the best works. My favorites are 'Ban Religion' and 'Knees Up'.
The openings are always very busy.
Whilst the free beer is flowing!
Went on to Pure Evil after,
to see Gustavo Ortiz's exhibition 'Metamorphosis' - really enjoyed this. The pieces are a mixed media of painting with collage. This series in particular is based on the Argentinian 'myth of origin' according to which in the begginning there were only people and then people transformed into everything: trees, the sea, the sky, etc.. I love trees so I had to pick this one.
It all turned into a bit of a jollie after a few drinks.........
and when we finally made it to the pub, I saw this form of pool I hadn't come across before!

This was the last photo I took that night after a considerable amount of booze had been consumed!!

how romantic.......................

Monday, July 06, 2009

Underground poetry night

It had been a long time since I'd been to a poetry night..

The one below was picked by the girl who organised the night - she scattered them along the room for people to take away, this is only an excerpt, the whole thing was 7 and a quarter pages long!!

It was so inspiring the next day I woke up and wrote some poems myself! Here's a couple:

Why complicate things with sex,
when you can imagine it all,
from the comfort of your bed,
all nice and perfect,
with the right amount of dirty bits,
tailored by your imagination,
to satisfy your most intimate desires?

Why complicate things with sex,
when you can ride the wave of expectation,
of those first encounters,
when all is discovery and excitement,
where all is perfect,
all happy endings still possible,
and all outcomes a possibility?

But then the flesh craves touch,
and you want to smell
that scent that drives you mad.
Tongues play and you want to grab.
Your hands travel gently,
mapping your lovers landscape.
He pulls you closer
and tastes you over.
Your body tenses,
and lost are all your past tenses..


Dawn arrived once again
confirming the witnessing of yet another day.
Long gone are the days,
when I contemplated death
at every minute of every hour.
I choose life.
That was irreversible.
Then all I thought was 'why?'.
Now all I think is 'how?'.

I drew this on the wall whilst listening - I intend to cover a room with these at some point..

The poetry slam was organised by Hammer & Tongue London and
They made an amasing job at creating a great atmosphere at the space taken over by the Oubliette Arthouse Collective - this is one to watch and you can join their facebook group to keep up with what they're up to..


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Making pom-poms by the swimming pool

This is our latest addiction............