Thursday, April 24, 2008

Liliane Lijn at the Riflemaker Gallery


Liliane Lijn at the Riflemaker
Read about the Stardust Project here

London by night

Monday, April 14, 2008

To my Father

That's it,
it's gone,
all the things unsaid,
the moments fleeted.

Suddenly that voice
& touch are no longer.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I scream!

All consuming,
life burning.

You gave,
I took.
Forever with me.

Realisation comes crashing down,

I carry on,
lacking, longing.

I shall Smile though,
& heal.
Fou You.

Here & Now

I challenge You,

To be here & now.

How many thoughts

are going through your mind

at the same time,

as you read these words?

Human cognitive abilities

are yet to be fully utilised.

As you evaluate this experience

And ask yourself

What is this all about?

What is the point of it?


Why am I even taking the time?


A human being,

Having thousands of thoughts a day,

Most of them,

Borrowing from the past

Or projecting into the future.

How many new thoughts

Do you actually have a day?

Thoughts are made of words

And words radiate energy.

Energy resonates with other energy.

Your thoughts

Create your experience.

Watch over them & be aware

Your life is your own creation.

Can you accept that?


Like the sea,

Life is full of treasures,

Waiting to be discovered.

You as a Human Being

Have the power

over your own thoughts.

What you choose to think,

Is entirely up to you.

If you haven't yet, watch it

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

HA MANIFESTO by 142 Project and Haringay Arts

At the old Mercedes Benz showroom in Finchley Rd

Guerrilla Gardening at night next to the Foundry

These people are selfless superstars providing hands on gardening activism. Pouring love into neglected green spaces bang in the middle of our city at night! Thank You Beautiful Green People

SAF opening - New Vegetarian Restaurant in Old St

This is a new gem in the heart of Shoreditch - the food is delicious (both sweet and savoury, I could write a whole piece on the pallete of heavenly organic flavours they indulged my taste buds in) but the cocktails are an absolute winner! I recommend the Oriental Orchid, yamyam! The staff is pleasant and helpful and adds a good eye candy factor. I was only disapointed when they told me they wouldn't be able to cater for outside functions until May next year - I am going back for sure, the surroundings are very zen and the open courtyard at the back is the perfect place for smirting and networking. 5* rating

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Master Margherita Latest - check it out - as good as ever