Monday, October 30, 2006

Arts opportunities for Shoreditch Festival 2007

In August 2007, Shoreditch Trust will produce its annual Shoreditch Festival.

Shoreditch Trust is a community-led regeneration agency, working to improve housing, health, education, community safety and the environment in Shoreditch and Hoxton. The Festival was established to give the people of Shoreditch a sense of community, to build civic pride, to bring together the different communities in the neighbourhood and to celebrate Shoreditch.

The Festival is characterised as warm and welcoming, stylish, professional, organised and arts led.In 2007, the theme is based around spaces. We are now calling for local professional artists in any art form interested in (a) working with local residents to create a project for the Festival(b) for an individual project/eventProjects will occur or culminate during the Festival; and we are looking to create the following festival commissions (at least one of which should be intergenerational) :

Watch this Space! 4 x £1000
How about decorating / illuminating / highlighting / animating / singing in a space in Shoreditch?Changing Spaces!
2 x £5000
Is there a space in Shoreditch that you would like London to know about? Using your work, we would like to bring these spaces to life. Out of Space!
1 x £10,000
Show us how much Shoreditch is loved by its community or show us how fantastic your artwork would look, placed within Shoreditch.

Your proposal should bear in mind the following:
We want “art” which is of the highest quality; is unusual, original and striking; is celebratory; is Engaging and will appeal to local residents (including African, African-Caribbean, Turkish/Kurdish, African as well as white); and which will attract media interest.We want residents to be engaged as creators, participants and/or spectators/audience s simply enjoying themselves.
Your proposal should be brief, and coveryour concept resources required (eg which venue, space, technical requirements) budget (the commission must cover all fees and materials) potential partners your CV.
Timetable Proposals for these commissions: COB Nov 30 2006. We will come back to you by the end of January.We will only be able to commission those proposals for which we can find funding.If you have an idea/proposal and already have funding and think it would work in the Festival, please send it to us!
Julie Flavell
Festival Manager Julie@shoreditchtru 020 8 674 3400

Friday, October 27, 2006

Aluna petition - PLEASE SIGN

Aluna is a project to build the 1st world tidal powered Moon clock. The project needs support to be built in London. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION

Graham Dolphin

These are 2 ads from a 1978 publication

Graham's work

At seventeen til November 25

Check this out - Master Margherita latest

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Strange statues around the world


Red, yellow, mustard, brown.
Nature all around
Changes in a spectrum.
Zephyrus cools down, the Sun visits less often.
Gold reflections on the ground
Where conquers lay whilst the kids pound.
Time changes, the light fades
‘no, no, please don’t go’ I cry in vain.
For Winter has its rein.

Monday, October 23, 2006

'Sabrepulse' at Corsica Arts Club - kick ass music!!!

Absolutly loved it!!! Epic, REALLY!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Check this video out

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I'm doing the Production of this party on November 4th in Old St. at 'Platinum'.
The space is a gem and hasn't been used before, it only holds 250 people so it will be nice and friendly. I can put you on the £7 guest list if you contact me and quote 'londonalive' (limited availability). Expect a GREAT night.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Inflatable at the Serpentine

This has been set up just outside the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park. Its a giant inflatable round room that house's several different waky videos!

One of the videos

Installation outside

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Battersea Power Station open to the public

Battersea Power Station is going to be refurbished into luxury flats & a commercial complex. It’s open for the first time to the public and will be open until 5th November. To make it more interesting the Serpentine Gallery has organised an exhibition of Chinese contemporary art inside. It's installation and video work. oh! And CAKES!!! How could I forget such heavenly cakes?! Proper eye candy stuff. Went on Sunday afternoon, its £5 to get in and expect to queue. We only had to wait about 10m but of course this might vary. They even have bikes you can use for free to move around the demarked areas! Redevelopement official site here.

Ever since I saw this building I wanted to go inside. Its presence is incredible...

This is a short of the video installations in one of the floors.

This is an adjacent building that houses the caffe and the MAGNIFICENT CAKES! It also has a shop selling interesting articles out of boxes. The building itself is quite something too.

This was the one I went for and I recommend! yamyam

A glimpse of whats to come...

If you go, take confortable shoes and remember this is a building site.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Watched dvd yesterday: IT'S FABTASTIC!!! Trailer here

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Last night

Me and Paul headed out to Hauser & Wirth Coppermill for the Private View of 'Simply Botiful' by Christoph Buchel. I have to say this is my favourite non mainstream gallery space in London. It's huge, the potential is enormous and I'm yet to be disappointed. (Ok, its only their 2nd exhibition in the space...!) This installation is at 1st site trivial, a mirror of an everyday scene, too familiar to be anything extraordinaire. However, as you walk through the installation and start discovering its hidden places one definitely becomes a intriguided and the thinking sparks start coming out! In the age of reality TV humans love more than ever to have an insight into other people's lives.

The artist's idea is to 'place the visitor in the brutally contradictory role of the intruder and voyeur'. There's a lot more to it. You can read the Press Release here.

For me this exhibition makes one think about what we, as humans, are creating and manifesting. Is this what we want? I ask...

If you are in London go and have a look. It's an experience. Think twice if you are clautrophobic & don't take precious clothes.

Le Gun in Brick Lane

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Latest at the Tate Modern

This is the work of Carsten Holler which is now displayed at the magnificent Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern. This opened yesterday and as I am fortunate enough to work quite near by I ventured for a slide ride at lunch time! (so many rhymes!!!) There are several different rides, w different heights, this is inside the smallest.

You don't need a ticket for this one. They are all free but you do have to get tickets from the information desk for the biggest ones and there are limited numbers dished out on a 1st come 1st served basis. The tickets also have times on them w a 30m window.

I have to say its not super impressive but it is fun. There is also an element of danger in the highest rides. I did the level 4 one and got a bruised arm and it hurts!!! It is a little dangerous and I would advise you to follow their simple instructions.

Remember to leave your bag in the cloak room as you can't ride w them. If you do visit, enjoy and TAKE CARE.

Its almost surreal to see the slides there but then again one has to give it to the Tate for innovative use of space!

This reminds me of a section of the DNA molecule.

Road trip to Brighton

New White Cube opening

Gabriel Orozco - Twelve Paintings & a Drawing - at the new White Cube.
The space is great.